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Mitigate is an Innovative, Compliant, Up-To-Date, All-Inclusive KYC/AML/CFT Risk Assessment Platform.

Conscious about the increasing regulatory burden on company service providers, investment managers, collective investment schemes, law firms, audit firms and virtual financial asset agents, Amagis Risk Ltd and Thynk Software Ltd, with the support of a Professional AML/CFT/Sanctioned Database Search, created MITIGATE, a new software offering an AML/CFT compliant solution to the aforesaid entities when performing KYC at both on-boarding stage and on an on—going basis.

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MITIGATE has been designed by a joint team composed of MLROs, compliance officers, regulatory lawyers, GDPR & cybersecurity experts and software developers, in order to offer not only a practical tool to collect KYC data and manage clients/prospective clients information but also to:

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Guide entities to understand, analyse, value the Inherent Risk at both company and clients’ level.

Guide MLROs/Risk Managers to identify specific measures to mitigate the Inherent Risk.

Measure the Residual Risk according to the formula from the Regulator Inherent Risk – Mitigating Measure = Residual Risk.


Risk Assessment
Final Review

A snapshot on your customers’ profiles (Companies/Funds/Trusts/Individuals).

KYC data input organised according to the four FIAU risk categories and searches on companies and individuals in a professional AML/CFT/sanctioned database.

MITIGATE suggests for each inherent risk the appropriate mitigating measures. Does the residual risk fall within your risk appetite?

MITIGATE allows you to come up with a final quantitative and qualitative risk evaluation at both clients and company level.

For Your

MITIGATE assesses the risks
in the following areas in
line with the applicable
regulatory framework:

  • Type of Customer
  • Product/Service
  • Interface
  • Geographical

MITIGATE is the perfect solution for both regulated and unregulated entities to ensure compliance with the updated regulatory framework in a time and cost-efficient manner. Maintain a high level of accuracy and a case by case customised client assessment together with automated on-going monitoring with MITIGATE.


Andrea Angelone

Co-founder of Amagis Risk Ltd

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Andrea Angelone has 20 years of experience in global markets and became head of JPMorgan Global Equity Treasury, Equity Finance and global co-head of the Prime Brokerage Division, overlooking more than a thousand employees. He became Global Head of Equity finance of JPMorgan in 2003 with his team generating over $800 million of revenues in 2008. Following the acquisition of Bear Stearns and the merger of the heritage firms prime brokerage and the equity finance business, Andrea has been co-leading JPMorgan Financing and Securities Prime Brokerage business.

In 2011 Andrea was asked to lead the newly set up Equity Treasury Team within JPMorgan Equity division. Andrea has served as director on several JPMorgan affiliates board, Equilend board, and he was a member of the AFME prime brokerage division and member of SIFMA.

Antonio Giannino

Co-founder and Managing Director of Amagis Risk Ltd

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Antonio Giannino is also Amagis Capital’s Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and he supervises all the risk management procedures including the development of our proprietary UCITS and AIF risk management software. Furthermore, with Amagis Risk Ltd Antonio is offering cyber-security advisory and training to several institutional clients, notably including Enemalta plc. Prior to joining Amagis, Antonio was teaching and research assistant at Bocconi University, focusing on Financial Mathematics and Economics, and working with several respected scholars like Prof. Francesco Giavazzi. Moreover, Antonio also held research responsibilities at ETH Zurich where he performed statistical data analyses about cognitive control capabilities and ran experimental sessions on the exploration-exploitation dilemma at the Management, Technology, and Economics Department. Antonio is also Board Member of both the Malta Association of Compliance Officer and the Malta Association of Risk Managers.

Guido Miani

Co-founder of Amagis Risk Ltd

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Guido Miani started his career at UBS London LTD, where he had been working from 1993 to 1999 as a fixed income trader on the Pan European Treasury Market and Swaps. In 1999 he joined the UBS Wealth Management and Private Banking team as a Head of market development and clients acquisition between Monaco and Switzerland. In 2002 Guido was the founder of a UK regulated Asset Management Company, called Albemarle Asset Management. Albemarle is a group focusing on UCITS and non UCITS products targeting both Private and Institutional clients and operating through a platform mainly active from Ireland. After selling his stake in the Company, Guido has continued to work as a consultant for Albemarle. More recently Guido has been involved in several private equity deals, including one that for size was among the largest conducted in Italy.

Simone Russo

Co-founder of Amagis Risk Ltd

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Simone Russo, started his career in 1998 at JPMorgan becoming the co-head of the Italian equity derivatives team in 2002. Since 2004 he was also in charge of the Greek team. Simone was involved in structuring and distributing advanced flow products such as dividend swaps, variance swaps, dispersions, EDS and tailor made solutions, structured notes and certificates. In 2006 Simone joined Goldman Sachs as managing director with responsibilities on the Italian and the Greek Structured Sales teams. He was responsible for launching ART (Absolute Return Tracker), a product that aims to replicate the performance of Hedge Funds Indexes via liquid market instruments and that became one of the most successful and visible products of the Bank. In 2007 he became co-responsible for the Structured Funds Platform team at the European level. The fund platform was launched by Goldman Sachs International (GSI) with the aim to deliver structured products wrapped through funds (both UCITS and not).

Marlon Grech

Founder of Thynk Software Ltd

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Marlon Grech, founder of Thynk Software Ltd, brings vast international experience from both Consultancy and Product Development across multiple sectors. A techie at heart, and previously a member of the original Microsoft WPF team, a Microsoft MVP and active member in the online technology community; he is now mentoring a talented team of developers at Thynk Software Ltd, applying the latest Cloud, UX, Analytics & AI technologies to bring digital transformation, wow factor and value to our customers. Returning to the Maltese islands after a career in London’s financial sector, Marlon’s passion for Fintech, disruptive technology and UX is reflected in the portfolio of solutions that Thynk Software Ltd now offers to our international client base.

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